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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hello Deary!!

So, Colour, colour.... colour....
You have been fighting, straining, abusing, shaving, triming, growing and straightening your hair
possibly for years?
Try to get that style, in your minds eye.
That some how seems impossible.
And you finally get there, and its.... boring.
Colour can lighten and brighten, or flaten and and dull your hair.
It can take a cut, from voom, to VaVa voom!!
Exentuate the cut, change the look, you can change and change and change, and keep
that cut you love!!

The consant devoplment of colouring technique's means hairdressers can optimise
you colour, well strenghting your hair.

Colour is a must!!
trust me!

long hair, short hair, get on google!!
and you will find millions of idea's to exentuate your cut.
or match your skin tone.
Just like yesterday, bring that crumpled, torn piece of paper, with that colour you want on
Bring it in, and show us, help us create something 120% you.

Rant compleat.
Untill next time
Colour your hair, amp that cut up!!

Bye bye,
The hairdressers of Napier,

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