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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Long Hair Colour Ideas

Here are some of our favourite long hair colour ideas
Burnt copper is a great look if you have the right skin type
Reds mixed with Violets are definitely hot
Ash and Lilac blonde's are stunning if you are open minded
and of course the smudged though the ends look is great and your re-growth won't be obvious
as it grows out.....very low maintenance
Check out the texture of these models hair,  very natural and fluffy...the undone look
Fringes are back in again for 2012


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hello bloggers!!
This morning we did some training.
In classic hair ups.
these beautiful chignon's we crafted by love by the team in Napier this morning.
We had two lovely modles, on of the pastic kind and one was human!

We had heaps of fun!!
The salon smelt semi tropical, with the lovely hairspray.
New music, and lots of laughs.

this morning was Fun, with a capital F
This style is MASSIVE in wedding work
so soft and classic, the viel fits in perfect.
always nice to learn new things and try new styles.

Any way, time to fly!!

till next time,

bye bye From the team at

Monday, 27 February 2012

Red Carpet at the Oscars 2012

Hello....we were checking out the Oscars today and how the celebrities wore their hair
what dresses they were wearing
Love to get inspired by their beautiful images
Still really loving Kelly Osborne,  she looks fantastic!
Most celebrities have a very classic look for the red carpet.

From your Napier hairdressing team

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mission Weekend

Hello Kelly here
We had a fantastic day at the salon on Saturday
A beautiful young lady set up her sound system outside the salon
and when she started to sing....we were all blown away!
She has the most amazing opera voice and sang songs from Cats, Phantom of the Opera and
other musicals
within 5minutes of her starting to sing,  she had gathered a huge audience!
Very exciting to see,  I even had a moment in between clients to go watch.
Then straight after work I went to the mission concert and braved the rain to watch Rod Stewart
Awsome concert!!

We hope you all had a great weekend aswell
from your Napier Hairstyling Team

Friday, 24 February 2012

Hello Bloggers!!

I have got some awesome images of a photo shoot that I did a couple of weeks ago with Martin Bentley Smith photography and Kate Smith Make up artist and of course myself Samantha Morris hairstylist! This photo shoot was so much fun, The bottom photo is more of a modern Nana look, and the others are more high fashion! I look forward to doing More photo shoots with them in the future it always keeps me inspired and puts my creative side to good use.
Please enjoy these beautiful pics, I hope they inspire you like they do me!
Thanks Guys
 Samantha :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Short Hairstyle

Hello bloggers
Are you thinking about cutting your hair short?
Here are some ideas that inspire us
Disconnections are still hot...shorter underneath and longer through the top
Tip add colour to you short style for texture and movement
From your Napier Hairdressing Team

Wednesday, 22 February 2012



How are all you braidiacts!
Excuse the pun!!

But with ball season fast approaching.
And plans starting for all the brides to be come next summer!
Long gone are the tight braids, that look and feel like your hair is being tugged from your scalp!
Braids can still be tight, and back
But mostly worse lose and messy currently!
Drop plating and fish tail is super in!!
And surprising easy to achive!!

They are fun, and can step the look up, that extra notch!
Hairdressers have been having heaps of fun with these!!

So, start planing your ball or wedding hair, and why not look into some sort of braid
to stamp that big YOU on your look.

come in, and ask with your next style how to achive simple braids at home.
It will take about 5minutes to show you.
and about 20 minutes of practise in the mirror.
That casual BBQ never looked so good....

Any way,
time to make like a tree
and leaf..
(I am on fire with these puns!)

till next time!
bye bye.
from the hairdressing crew here in Napier