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Monday, 20 February 2012

Hello crocodile!

It's only Tuesday, The first day of the week we are open!
And I have seen some amazing men's cuts walk out already!

Lady's, Look out, the men of Napier are looking good!!

I'm at the stage where I'm bored with my hair.
So today, i found some older picture's, to reuse of some lovely men's cuts!
To get me in the mood for my mop chop!
I think having a clear idea of what you want is key
Especially when going for a big change
Never feel odd bring in some pieces of crumpled paper, from the bottom of your bag
That you jammed in before heading to work a few days ago.

We love seeing a picture of what you want, a style, a colour, the look.

That piece of paper, is now your hair.
Not quite, but you get what I mean!

Any way
Have a amazing nice.
Lots of.... smile's
The Hairdressing Guru Crew

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