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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Some more photos from our Bridal Photoshoot

Here are a few more photo's that Kelly took from Sunday's Bridal photo-shoot.

Should be able to show you the professional pictures from Martin Bentley Smith
very soon!

From your Napier Hairdressing Team

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bridal Photoshoot

Hello Kelly here
Sam and I did a photo shoot yesterday with Martin Bentley Smith
The theme was vintage bridal
It went so well!!
Our models...Tessa, Lydia, Karly and Shontelle were awesome!!
The photo's Martin took of them were stunning!!
The photo shoot took place at Mangapapa Petit Hotel
Gowns on Gloucester supplied 2 of the wedding dresses,  Tessa and Karly wore
their own wedding dresses,  Karly only got married 5 weeks ago and her dress
was from Gowns on Gloucester aswell.
Deb Hart fashion designer, designed a dress in her style and it was worn by the lovely
Shontelle...was the knitted short dress.
The flowers were by The Flower Barrow in Taradale.
Make-up was by Ingrid Blair.

We can't wait to show you some of the professional shots from Martin in the next few weeks!

From you Napier Hairdressing Team

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Hi Team
So here are some photo's that we like today
Strong make-up and quirky clothing designs
The hair is up in a bun in a few of the shots which suits the overall look.
The photography is brilliant, especially the smoke shot.

From your Napier Hairdressing Team

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Long Hair Styling

Today we are displaying long hair editorial styling and colour images
We can create a variety of different curl looks.....vintage curls, romantic,
beach hair, bed hair, glamorous
and sometimes you just want your hair super smooth.
If you have long hair, try a different type of styling after you have your
next haircut.  It's great to try a style you can't achieve yourself.
Also wanted to show you how colour makes the style look like it has more
texture, body and movement.
Next time you are at the hairdressers, ask about a colour suggestion to suit you.

From your Napier hairdressing team


Monday, 19 March 2012

Pop Art Inspiration

Pop Art.

Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms.
For us, pop art is huge.
Bold colours, contrast, bold lines and shapes.
For fashion cut's and colours

Pop art is heavily influenced by fashion and the culture at the time.
It's always changing, as is our work.

Do I need to say much more?
It speak's for its self.

Have a lovely day.
Till next time, your team at

Saturday, 17 March 2012

1950's Inspired Wedding

The Glamorous 1950's
This is a great theme for a wedding.....short knee length A-Frame dress, set hair, red lipstick....
you can do so much with this theme
Find some old records and place them on your table settings.
A whisky bar with crystal bottles and glasses....
The photographer can do alot with the pictures to make them look like they were shot in the 1950s,
a photo booth would suit this theme aswell and are very popular right now.
As hair stylists, we get very excited when a bride chooses a theme like this, and we can go back in time with hair styling and get the rollers and dinky pins out and change the structure
of the hair the old fashioned way...
You will get to see Kelly and Sam's interpretation of Vintage Wedding in our next
Bridal Photo shoot....we will be shooting this Sunday! so exciting!

From your Napier Hairdressing Team