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Wednesday, 22 February 2012



How are all you braidiacts!
Excuse the pun!!

But with ball season fast approaching.
And plans starting for all the brides to be come next summer!
Long gone are the tight braids, that look and feel like your hair is being tugged from your scalp!
Braids can still be tight, and back
But mostly worse lose and messy currently!
Drop plating and fish tail is super in!!
And surprising easy to achive!!

They are fun, and can step the look up, that extra notch!
Hairdressers have been having heaps of fun with these!!

So, start planing your ball or wedding hair, and why not look into some sort of braid
to stamp that big YOU on your look.

come in, and ask with your next style how to achive simple braids at home.
It will take about 5minutes to show you.
and about 20 minutes of practise in the mirror.
That casual BBQ never looked so good....

Any way,
time to make like a tree
and leaf..
(I am on fire with these puns!)

till next time!
bye bye.
from the hairdressing crew here in Napier

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