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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hello Bloggers!!

We have been run off our feet lately at the salon, crazy crazy!!

Firstly, let me say, today's post has a warning.
Die Antwoord
(pictured above)
Yeah, well, there music has offencive language.
So if you decided to search, you have been warned.

With such a unique voice, these south African rapers are hitting it big.
A obsession with her pet rats, featuring in most of her videos.
Ninja (the male) often sporting, rather odd, groomed and styled moustache's.
And shaved brows.

My obsession keeps growing.
Her style is so, quirky.
Her hair is amazing, bleached eye brows, white mascara.

I simply am in love with her look.
Any way, if you don't mind a bit of curse language, these guys are worth a listen.

Till the next time see find a spot to get on,
Enjoy blogging,
From your team at

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