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Monday, 16 April 2012

Good Evening Bloggers!
Our post today is dedicated to your alter ego.
Last night some of the team at Pure hair went to L'Oreals
Creative transmission.
Creative Transmission is all about being able to wear your hair in two different ways to suit you alter ego, we all have one and sometimes need to let it out, Perfect example ,Undercut one side of your head and colour it a vibrant colour and colour the rest normal to suit you.
Flip it over to the undercut when your feeling wild and reveal your alter ego!
A huge amount of Dip dyeing was talked about last night, its a great way to stay in fashion and looks good on everyone!
Also a lot of pastels are coming through here is a tip try using a eyeshadow to replace colouring your hair the cheaper the better, and it will wash out.
Lots off waterfall braids and loose hair ups.
Think, that 70's show, smooth on the top, then rolled and stacked out and up
Curly and slightly messy.

Come on in and let us reveal your

Alter Ego.
Till next time
Enjoy being you and being a little wild.

your team at

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