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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Good Evening Bloggers!!

Today, I have taken over control of the blog (well, I like to think)

Firstly, My name is Teagan, I'm the only guy here, and only apprentice!!
I have been here about 8 months all together.
Busy busy training and assisting.

Secondly, I would like to introduce you to my friends.
First up, Image one and two, is one of our lovely stylist's Sam!
She's pretty amazing, She is sporting my new penny board!!
I skate to work, its great for the environment, and my thighs!
Plus, I'm a hopeless saver, and can't afford a car because of shopping habits.

Next up, is my lovely mother, She had been growing her hair for some time, and when I needed a cut model, she rose to the occasion, not that she had any say.
The cut, thankfully grew on her with a few hours.

Last but not least is lovely Mitchel, or Mitch.
He willingly let me shave his hair off to practise for our competitions!
he's been such a good model for my men's cutting training.

Any way, enough about me.
Enjoy your evening
Your team at

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