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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hello bloggers!

Today I bring you, New Zealand music month.
Kind of.

These are just a few of many home grown talents who make my ear groove.
Not sure that was the best analogy.

Any way, first up, we have the stylish Kimbra.
With her unique vintage style, she is a total heart throb, old fashioned girl.
Making it massive on the international stage.
We love her boutique style.

Gin Wigmore.
How to describe her.
Her voice is so raw, rough and soulful.
She has amazing style, keeping it slightly punk classic.
Making it big on the trans-Tasman stage.
She is beautiful and her music makes me smile.

What New Zealand music month blog would be complete with out them.
There rock style.
They are Icons.
And we love them.

Last but not least.
With her newest album just released.
Her unique electronic, techno pop mix.
She is adorable.
Her tailored look, extremely structured
And her fringe oh my, with the slight under cuts on the side.
Next generation.

We thank you NewZealand for keeping us inspired.
And New Zealand music month for sharing it.

Till next time
have a lovely day.

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