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Monday, 12 March 2012


Boy's and Girlfriends
Today's post is for you!

Indie, Grung, Rock.
The three biggest words in men's fashion right now.

Knitted cardys.
Leather shoes.
Curly fringes and shaved sides.
Band tee's, Bow ties, skinny legs.

This look is super easy, and should be carefree.
Just wake up, and put it on.
Wash the hair, and put some product to hold the shape.


Faded colour looks amazing with this look too.
This look is super easy to maintain, just trim down the sides
Every 4-5 weeks.
And a all over cut every second time.

No doubt we can have you styled into a modern man in no time!
Hairdressers, now the home of the male.
Ladys, send him in.
Men, Don't be afraid.

Till next time, stay steezey and keep the swag boys!
The Hairdressing crew.
Your Napiers men fashion guru
Team at

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